«The Witcher» by Jordi Peiró is the mandatory piece in the Division Two

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The bands participating in the Section Two of the 2022 “Ciudad de Valencia” International Music Band Contest will have to perform the score “The Witcher” by Jordi Peiró as a mandatory piece.


Higher qualification in Trombone and Saxhorn awarded by the Conservatories of Valencia and Madrid.

Trombone soloist at the Valles Symphony Orchestra (Barcelona).

Trombone player in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Malaga.

Professor of Trombone, Tuba and Saxhorn at the Conservatories of Benidorm (Alicante).

1st Prize in Composition at AETYB 2015 (Spanish Association of Tubas and Saxhorns) with the piece «CHERRY BLOSSOM (LA FLOR DEL CEREZO)» for Symphony Orchestra and Saxhorn soloist.

«LA BATALLA DE LA ROCHELLE» was chosen as compulsory work in the Regional Contest of Valencia in 2016.

EVEREST symphonic poem for bands was selected as compulsory work in the CIBM «City of Valencia» Contest in 2017 in its 1st section.

AL-BUAHYRA was premiered by the municipal band of Valencia on the commemorative day of the Community of Valencia in 2017.
He was commissioned by the famous Belgian trumpeter Benny Wiame to compose a ballad that was premiered by the KH Sta. Lucia Engsbergen in Limburg, Belgium.

He composes musical cinematic scores for the companies BLUE TEAR PRODUCCIONES and CANSPAN FILM FACTORY. He has worked on several short films LETTERS and SEEDS (CARTAS y SEMILLAS), and two feature films entitled LIGHTS (LUCES) which was nominated for the Goya awards in 2017 in the music category, and BURGA with Mercé Llorens and Manuel Gallardo.

He is a collaborator with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, for which he has composed the work entitled ANANTAPUR with the aim of collecting funds for this charity foundation. He is a member of the SGAE (Spanish Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers) and a full member of the Academy of Music of Valencia.

Jordi Peiró Marco teaches SAXHORN in the MUNICIPAL BAND OF VALENCIA.


Descriptive Poem composed for Wind Orchestra

The Witcher is a programmatic piece that contains a single movement split into fragments that interweave unnoticeably without any interruption. The lack of relation between its episodes mean it becomes the formal principle, distancing it from any defined structure. It thus acquires an independent and stand-alone form, as is typical in Symphonic Poems. Each episode is endowed with an independent thematic exhibition, which aims to accurately reproduce diverse moments and moods experienced by the character, the main characteristic of Programmatic Music.